About Us

FarmSudz was born while I was still working as a (clinical research) registered nurse in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It started with goat milk soap that I made because my husband didn’t think I could. Little did he know that his lack of confidence in my soapmaking ability would lead to a thriving business! BAM!!

Being true to my roots in Ann Arbor, I had a keen interest in alternative medicine and herbal therapies – so it’s no surprise that my humble soap making business soon evolved to include products (like BooBooz Magic Balm) where I used different herbs (many grown on our farm in Chelsea, MI) that were known to have properties that helped to soothe irritated skin.

And so it was to be…. balms, soaks, soaps and creams that are good for the body and the soul. Born of Goat Milk Soap and a Crazy Hippie. We pledge to always use the very best, pure natural, oils, clays, milk, herbs, vegetables and fruits …to make the finest, sudsiest, richest treats that all work together to help calm and pamper your skin.

- Julie Konkle

Welcome back to Nature. Love your Sudz.