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EB. Epidermal Barrier.  Yours.  The skin's outermost layer.  In the simplest sense, ceramides help the skin's EB stay strong. They fortify it's defenses so that you can enjoy a more buoyant, smooth, firm bright, clear complexion.  Ceramides are fatty acids that our bodies naturally produce. Your skin is loaded with them - in fact - ceramide makes up almost half of the EB.  This layer thins over time, creating a greater need for products that bolster and help to rebuild that EB.  Without a strong, protective barrier, your skin allows more toxins and pollutants enter the body, which can further 'age' the skin - resulting in dark spots, wrinkles and a rough, dull texture, and a greater potential for skin issues like acne and rosacea.  We make our gel using high quality ceramide and rose water distillate.  Use your EB restore under your moisturizer or all by itself twice daily.  


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    EB Restore

    Posted by Mandy on Nov 11th 2022

    I LOVE this stuff! It makes my face feel so soft, has lightened some sun spots and smells great.

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