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We know you have been just dying to try FarmSudz Face products!  We know the drill....Where to start??  Well - how about 7 mini & travel size versions of our most popular face products? It's a great value...and we think you will fall in love . . . because that is just what happens with FarmSudz products!

My Fabulous Face Collection includes:

1. Pumpkin Face Soap - Pumpkin is an amazing collagen booster. Fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids increase cell turnover, brightening and smoothing the skin. Combine that with raw goat milk. Yeah, It's THAT good.

2. Lemongrass Sugar Facial Scrub - Packed with herbs such as calendula, lavender and chamomile, this exfoliating, and inflammation fighting scrub provides soothing antioxidants and vitamins A and C. 1 fl. oz.

3. Tumeric Charcoal Manuka Honey Face Mask - Perfect for calming skin conditions such as acne and eczema, our face mask may help to promote skin regeneration, lessen scarring, add brightness and tone when used 2 - 3 X per week.

4. Aloe and Rose hip Face Serum with hyaluronic acid - You can't find a better serum to target the most common signs of aging. You will notice improved tone and clarity, smaller pores, less breakouts, fine lines and dark spots.

5. My Fabulous Face Cream with Carrot Seed and Sea Buckthorn Oils- The secret is out. This powerful, naturally nutritious skin cream soaks in to leave your face feeling soft and dewy all day. We haven't found a cream we like better, and neither have hundreds of our customers. You will love how it makes your face feel.

6. Magic Make-up Remover Facial Cleansing Oil - Let's face it: No skin care routine would be complete without make-up remover. FarmSudz takes it up a notch, combining oils like Sesame, Avocado, Apricot Seed, Argan and Ylang Ylang essential oil. So effective and gentle - and SO good for your skin!

7. Eye Dew - Treat your peepers to the pampering experiences of this delightfully effective gel-cream.  Hyaluronic acid, meadowfoam oil, caffeine powder and panthenol add to this delicious experience.  Apply twice daily after you wash your face and watch your dark circles fad.  Also helpful for fine lines and puffiness. 


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    Fabulous Face Collection

    Posted by Kim on Feb 4th 2023

    I gave this to my daughter as a Christmas gift and she loves the products as much as I do. Just recently she was making up a basket of goodies for a friend of hers that is getting married and but the Mini Face Collection in it for her to try the products.

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    Fab face box

    Posted by Christine on Apr 26th 2021

    Really love these products. They are amazing.

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    Fab Face Collection

    Posted by Annie Anderson on Mar 31st 2021

    I am in LOVE with every product in this collection. Over the years, I've been a consumer of some of the popular, big name skin care lines. It's been a week and a half that I've been using the products from this collection and amazed at how my 45-ish year old skin is glowing. The soap is luxurious, the Eye Dew is soothing, the Face Scrub and Face Mask exfoliate and moisturize beautifully, and the make up remover works fabulously to remove make up without leaving my skin dry and irritated. My favorites are the serum and the face cream: My skin is so soft after using each-- not greasy at all. I also like how the ingredients are natural and good for my skin.

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    Fab face collection

    Posted by Jessie on Jun 1st 2020

    This collection is amazing! I have to rave on the makeup remover. Anything else I’ve tried leaves my skin with a dried out feeling. Not Farm Sudz! It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturizer!

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