Our Story

FarmSudz had its humble beginnings with a single batch of (homely!) goat milk soap that was concocted because our founder’s husband said it couldn’t be done. It could, and it was. The rest is, as they say, history.

At the time ‘the soap’ was happening, Farm Sudz founder and registered nurse, Julie Konkle, was working as a clinical trials manager at the University of Michigan. Together with a team of physicians, nurses, research coordinators, and some wonderful patient volunteers, this research brought hope to patients suffering from devastating illnesses and conditions. The innovative treatments that clinical research offered these patients were effective in many cases – but that nagging feeling that modern medicine was overlooking the potential effectiveness of natural, alternative remedies was strong. 

As Julie’s interest in alternative medicine grew - the creation of many other FarmSudz products followed. In 2017 Julie left the clinical research world so she could spend more time doing what she loves – helping people to heal using Mother Nature’s bounty. 

Julie’s niece, Erin, joined the team in 2017 and the ‘factory and shop’ relocated from the basement of Julie’s farmhouse to downtown Chelsea, MI, where we handmake each batch of product. We are also provide wholesale items to several shops in Michigan and beyond, continuing to carefully grow our business while keeping our mission at the forefront.  

Check us out online or come into the shop to say hi. We couldn’t be more excited to have you as our guest.

- Julie and Erin


Our Mission

To research and handcraft effective, natural products that nourish and calm the body and the soul using the finest natural ingredients available.